Blended Certification Only


An appointment with an American Heart Association Instructor to complete a Heartsaver CPR, First Aid or Pediatric First Aid hands on skills check on location via video call. Prior to attending the hands on skills check, students must purchase and complete the online course associated with the certification they require. The training equipment is on location therefore, students are required to physically attend a hands on skills check on location. Students must provide their own smartphone or laptop to complete the video call.


Heartsaver Online Course:



First Aid CPR $19.50

Pediatric First Aid $20

First Aid $15


Appointment Instructions


Online Course:


1. Purchase and complete the online course

2. Email your certificate of completion to:


Skills Check: 


3. Bring your smartphone, tablet or laptop
4. We will use Zoom or Google Meet for the video call
5. At your appointment time arrive at the appointment location
6. Check in at the front desk to get the equipment bag
7. Go to the assigned conference room or office
8. Complete your skills check via video call
9. Clean and return the equipment to the front desk

Heartsaver Skills Check